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The Royal Court Collection

The Royal Court Collection is here and just in time for the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. A trio of divine luxury caddies presented in a regal and decadent gold embellished gift box. New World Tea are designing exquisite Royal teatime experiences. From our home in the UK, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their rare and exclusive teas have been revered by the most distinguished of palates.
The Royal Court Collection comprises a celebratory assortment of the foremost favourite black teas from Royal Courts around the world for you to explore and discover a New World of Tea. 


Delightfully rich and smooth with classic, deep malty tones. 
In the United Kingdom, English breakfast tea is enjoyed throughout the day and not just at breakfast time, as the label may suggest. This classic beverage has an interestingly royal story behind it and there is healthy debate on whom invented this well-known tea. Sources suggest that Queen Victoria sampled this tea during her stay at Balmoral in the 1890’s and returned to England with an abundant supply for herself. From here onwards began the love affair with this classic beverage. Our unique and regal blend combines Brahmaputra River Assam with a unique twist of high mountain Vietnamese black tea. Vietnam boasts a unique terroir which positively impacts the flavour of the tea, promoting subtle chocolate notes. Usually served the British way with milk to balance the tea’s robust flavour.
Aromatic with a deep body and subtle orchid notes with a long-lasting malty finish.One of the most exquisite and revered teas.
Grown organically, our Da Hong Pao originates from the Wuyi mountain at 1800 meters above sea level in South- east China and can be traced back to the regal Ming dynasty era in the 1300’s.
Orthodox varieties are grown on very old mother trees which are rare, with only a few remaining. Once the leaves are picked and semi-dried, they are tightly knotted and slightly twisted by hand to create a rope- like effect.
The leaves are then delicately hand roasted and it is this time-honoured technique which increases the release of smoky flavours and deep colour, synonymous to Da Hong Pao. Boasting an array of health properties with a complex flavour which can be savoured all day.
 A velvety and rich body with balanced notes of warming spices and a floral saffron finish. In the Arabian peninsula, tea is referred to as chai and is shared in royal courts between sheikhs and dignitaries as a hospitable and welcoming beverage.
Our exclusive Arabian Saffron chai is a blend of highly prized Darjeeling, harvested from the Rohini estate at 1700m above sea level and Yunnan black tea, similarly harvested at a high altitude of 1900m in South western China.
These rare teas are then masterfully blended with cardamoms, pink peppercorn, cinnamon, Omani pomegranate and embellished with exquisite saffron strands to add a touch of Arabian decadence.
With this perfect balance of flavours, each ingredient harmoniously caresses the other to promote a rich, slightly spicy yet refreshing and invigorating tea, to be enjoyed all day long.