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Saltoro Blend

Rich and creamy with a hint of floral saffron and a sweet, fresh mango finish.

80 Grams Caddy


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Saltoro is a mountain in the Kashmir region of Pakistan which is the inspiration behind this marvellous blend. Presented in a delightful soft peach and rose gold decorative caddie- An infusion of the world famous sweet and juicy Pakistani mango, blended with Darjeeling black tea from the Rohini estate, harvested at 1700 meters above sea level; Oolong Tea from the Wuyi Mountain at 2600 meters above sea level and wild young green teafrom the Yunnan aprovince of China. This decadent and exquisite blend is surprisingly enhanced with osmanthus flower, orange sandalwood, white hibiscus, saffron, tonka bean, lemon and lime.


100 Degrees Water
3g / 3 mins