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Exclusive and Rare Sencha

Elegantly refreshing with subtle classic notes of umami and a fragrant herbaceous finish.

80 Grams Caddy


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Presented in an effortlessly stylish Japanese Ukiyo- e artistic caddie- A sensationally smooth and sophisticated tea, harvested at 650 meters above sea level in Narao, Japan. The remarkable Mr and Mrs Mori are passionate farmers reviving ancient and highly disclosed Japanese tea cultivating techniques, which have been handed down through several generations and are a highly coveted family secret. Only the youngest of leaves and buds are harvested. These are naturally higher in caffeine and more energising than older, maturer leaves. Vibrantly green in colour as a result of its unique, nutrient rich terroir which also enhances the health benefits of the Exclusive and Rare Sencha tea leaves. Authentically served in a ceremonial Sencha teapot.