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Exclusive British Breakfast

Delightfully rich and smooth with classic, deep malty tones.

80 Grams Caddy


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In the United Kingdom, English breakfast tea is enjoyed throughout the day and not just at breakfast time as the label may suggest. Presented in an elegant black and rose gold decorative caddie – This classic beverage has an interesting history behind it and there is healthy debate on whom invented this iconic tea. Some say it was Pioneered in 1892 by Robert Drysdale, a Scottish Tea Master who saw the need for a stronger morning tea to match the protein-rich, traditional English breakfast plate. Other sources suggest it was invented much earlier on in the century by Richard Davies, a British immigrant living in New York. Sources say Queen Victoria sampled this tea during her stay at Balmoral in the 1890’s and returned to England with an abundant supply for herself. From here onwards began the love affair with this classic beverage. Our blend combines Brahmaputra River Assam and high mountain Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea. Usually served the British way- with milk, to balance its robust flavour.


100 Degrees Water
3g / 3 mins