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Exclusive and Rare Gyokuro

Velvety, deep bodied and rich umami notes with a smoky savoury finish. Brew at least twice and enjoy a cascade of flavour.
40 Grams Wooden Box


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Presented in a hand made wooden box featuring Ukiyo-e art and a celebratory red ribbon- Another of the Mori families best kept secrets; this highly sought after, superior Gyokuro is unique and rare, with as little as 25kg being harvested per year.

A distinctive, umami rich flavour and full- bodied texture is delivered as a result of an ancient pre Gyokuro harvest technique.

The leaves are covered and shaded from the sun for 20 days using specially hand-crafted mats. This shading process increases the amino acids which coupled with the artisan kneading and twisting process of the leaves, creates a rich, powerful and savoury tasting tea.

Revered by the Japanese as an ostentatious and celebratory affair. To optimise the essence, aroma and experience of this magical tea, our superior Gyokuro is served in a wine glass.


40 Degrees Water
5g / 90 seconds