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English Grown Tea – Black Tea

Rich, floral and sweet with creamy notes.

15 Grams Pouch


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Presented in an elegant gold sealed pouch- These unique and exquisite black tea is some of the rarest teas in the world. Proudly harvested by the famous family responsible for the globally acclaimed Jersey Royal Potato. Jersey is a bio diverse remote British Island located just off the South Western coast. A superb mineral rich terroir, coupled with delightfully conducive weather conditions for agriculture. In 2018, the remarkable family ingeniously discovered that the Camellia Sinensis tea bush could successfully grow in cooler climates and even enhance the final flavour. In light of their discovery, they immediately began this exciting experiment to cultivate black, green and white tea across six acres of land. They now yield a precious 20kg of this special British grown black tea per year, making Jersey Fine Tea one of the most exclusive and sought after teas in the world. This spectacular tea is hand plucked using only the most tender new leaves, before being processed using techniques from the far east.


100 Degrees Water
3g / 3 mins