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Da Hong Pao

Aromatic with a deep body and subtle orchid notes with a long-lasting malty finish.

80 Grams Caddy


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Presented in an elegant black and rose gold caddie- One of the most exquisite and revered teas. Grown organically, our Da Hong Pao originates from the Wuyi mountain at 1800 meters above sea level in South- east China and can be traced back to the Ming dynasty era in the 1300’s. Orthodox varieties are grown on very old mother trees which are rare, with only a few remaining. Once the leaves are picked and semi-dried, they are tightly knotted and slightly twisted by hand, to create a rope- like effect. The leaves are then delicately hand roasted and it is this time-honoured technique which increases the release of smoky flavours and deep colour, synonymous to Da Hong Pao.


100 Degrees Water
3g / 3 mins