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Cristallo Blend

Sweet and elegant flavour of white tea with an undertone of juicy peach and sharp pomegranate notes.

80 Grams Caddy


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Inspired by Mount Cristallo in Italy which overlooks the magnificent city of Venice; home of romance, winding canals and beautiful architecture. Venice is also the original home of the world famous, Peach Bellini. Remarkably reminiscent to this delicious beverage, the Cristallo blend is an infusion of highly prized, sweet and peachy Silver Needle white tea which is harvested from the Fuijan province in South- eastern China. Presented in a crisp white and rose gold decorative caddie- Masterfully infused with Italian peaches, apple, yellow corn flowers, marigolds, pomegranate and Persian rose.


80 Degrees Water
3g / 5 mins