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Ceremonial Matcha

Creamy, rich and full bodied with savoury notes and a long umami finish.

30 Grams Caddy


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Seven times more effective than coffee and six times richer in antioxidants, compared to a regular green tea. Dating back to the 9th century and regarded as the most historic type of tea in Japan; Matcha was cultivated only when the Japanese Buddhist monks returned from their pilgrimage to the ancient Jin Shan monastery in China with this treasure. After monks began developing Matcha plantations in Japan, the artisan and expertly grown Matcha they cultivated was consumed mostly by monks, royalty and then by the noble warrior class – The Samurai. The preparation of powdered Matcha was ritualized in the 1550-s and is considered as the fourth art in Japan. Presented in a delicately quaint matcha green & gold coloured caddie – Our AAA+ grade Matcha is a rare find, made from the best spring leaves which are shaded two weeks before harvest to optimize the chlorophyll and amino acid development. The Matcha Tea Ceremony is a traditional Japanese tea ceremony deemed as a symbol of peace, harmony and happiness. In modern Japan the highest attention is observed during the ceremony including the outfits worn, table layout, floral display and even the calligraphy displayed on the walls. The authentic ceremony takes place in complete silence to capture all the elements, including sight and sound. Matcha tea can aid weight loss, improve your focus and boost immunity. A velvety smooth texture, perfectly balanced astringency and sweet notes with a pleasant umami aftertaste. Prepared using a traditional ceramic bowl and whisk.


80 Degrees Water
Needed Whisk and Bowl